What’s on My Workbench – Part 1

This is my main work area, where I cut and foil my glass pieces. I also have work areas for grinding and soldering my pieces as well as extra space to spread out large pieces.


Moving from top left to bottom right:

1. Tropsie the stuffed triceratops – I got Tropsie when I was 8 years old from the Museum of Natural History in Ottawa. His current position is Chief Workbench Supervisor.

2. Craft clamps – I use these whenever I need to hold two pieces of glass together, usually with something between them.

3. Over the years I’ve dabbled in other mediums, these are some of my past needlework and polymer clay pieces.

4. Is is not possible to have too many pairs of pliers and wire cutters.

5. My glass cutter. I use a Toyo pistol-grip cutter with an oil reservoir. If you haven’t tried a pistol grip, I strongly recommend it, it is much easier to use for long periods than a pencil style cutter.

6. A color wheel is great for those times when the color combination isn’t quite coming together.

7. My workbench always seems to have a few unfinished projects on it. These have been sitting there for nearly a year.

8. My workbench is made from basic 1 inch think plywood. Some glass artists prefer a carpeted surface to cut on, but I find that it collects too many glass slivers for me to cut myself on. A tape measure is also essential equipment.

9. I have storage for large and mid-sized glass underneath my workbench and bins with smaller pieces on a shelf to one side, all organized by color.



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