Share the Love – Shop Global, Shop Local

One of the amazing things about selling online through Etsy is the ability to send my creations to places all around the world. I’m still somewhat in awe of the fact that someone in Italy has a set of my coasters or someone in Australia purchased my desk organizers.

Etsy has also given me the opportunity to see how many amazing artisans there are in my back yard. Here are some of my favourites from around Vancouver Island:

Highberry Dew is also from Duncan BC. Her work combines whimsical watercolors with fantastic design to create unique cards and gift tags.

I have a soft spot for ravens, so i love this metal jewelry from ImagesbyKentOlinger from Chemainus BC which is a nice mix of beautiful and fun.

Silver Cedar Jewelry from Cortex Island features local flora and fauna hand cast from silver and gold. Amazing life-like detail.

Emburr pottery from Brentwood Bay features fabulous hand stamped and hand painted pottery.

Finally, not that I’m biased, but for handcrafted wood picture frames and other woodwork, visit my partner’s shop at Balsamroot Woodwork.

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