A Page from My Inspiration Book #2


This page is all about color. There is something magical, not just in the colors themselves, but in the words we give to colors. Vermilion and scarlet are much more evocative than red; gold and ochre have more depth than yellow. The world would be a lot blander if there was only one red or one yellow.

The Places Experiments Lead

About a month ago, I saw a photo of a wheeled fruit bowl that ceramic artist Robert Boomer Moore had made.

That picture got the wheels turning (so to speak) about whether I could incorporate a similar concept into my glass. After some thought, I came up with this wheeled desk tray. Because I want all my pieces to have a non-glass component, the wheels are polymer clay, covered with metal leaf.


Even as I was building this piece, I knew it was destined to become a failed experiment. While I loved the classic shape of the desk organizer, the wheels didn’t quite fit the piece. Plus, they were very time consuming to make!

However, building that piece started me down the path to building these little organizers for doohickeys and whatnots.


Looking back at that wheeled bowl, it’s hard to imagine how it could possibly inspire a set of square desk accessories, but sometimes you end up in places you don’t expect!

My Color Palette

If someone told you that you could only use four colors for a project, which ones would you choose?1aug8IMG_6184

For me, it would have to be these four: cobalt blue, turquoise, lime green and yellow. These are definitely the colors I go back to, over and over. I love the contrast between the soothing blue and turquoise and the shocking yellow and lime.


If I were allowed one more color to round out my palette? If would have to be the perfect purple.


What colors are in your color palette?

A Page from my Inspiration Book


Lots of artists make inspiration boards filled with bits and pieces that catch their fancy. I have a book stuffed full of photos, quotes and other odds and ends that have caught my attention. On this page, I especially like my handmade color wheel, made from different colored photos. Yes, the wheel actually spins to reveal parts of different photos each time.

What inspires you?